Thursday, 6 May 2010

Favourite lip combo :)

So i wear this lipstick and lip gloss all the time, especially when i am wearing a dramatic eye look.

GOSH Darling and Raspberry Ripple by Natural Collection. These two go so nicely together, and if you're afraid that a nude won't suit you, then i would definitely recommend this to you, as it turns the nude shade to more of a lovely light pink :)

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick 134 Darling is really well known, so many people love it and it retails for £6 at Superdrug :) It's not too drying or too light it's very wearable.

Raspberry Ripple is from Natural Collection, Boots own brand and it retails for £1.99. It is not long lasting but it gives a lovely colour.

Here is a photo of my lips :- (without flash)

(with flash)

Have you ever tried this lip combo, what did you think? x


  1. That looks lovely, it really warms up GOSH darling. I'll have to try this out cause I feel that Darling can be a bit too harsh sometimes :)

  2. Yeah i love this combo, i rarely wear GOSH darling on its own, as it sometimes does feel a bit harsh :) x

  3. This looks great! :) Iv decided to definatly buy GOSH darling, everyone seems to love it :) xx

  4. @hannahh x Yeah you should definitely buy it :) x

  5. Very pretty combination! I might just purchase these items ^_^

  6. Thanks for following my blog I will be sure to do the same

  7. Love this lip combo! So natural and pretty. I love Boots' Natural collection too :P


  8. This is the kind of lip look I am always trying to create! Can never find GOSH Darling in my superdrug though, but will go for another root,maybe phone up or something because I'm desperate to get my hands on it!
    I would never think of paring a gloss with lipstick as usually I'm all about a matte lip and don't think gloss suits me, but these two together seems to give a really subtle sheen which is just beautiful xox

    A question: Does GOSH Darling really knock the colour out of your lips? Because I find a lot of nudes don't do it properly on my lips, they are so dark naturally. MAC Myth is the only one, and even then, I don't find it pale enough sometimes! I have VERY rosy lips :P

  9. @Face of a Faery
    GOSH Darling is definitely a lipstick to buy, maybe try ordering online, or ask a sales assistant when they deliver. When i wanted to buy it, it took a couple of weeks to find it.

    And that sounds like me, i'm not really a lip gloss person, i prefer matte but for some reason i really love this combination, it's the colours that conjoint so well :)

    If you have very rosy lips i would say GOSH Darling is good as it is buildable, but if you want something like Myth that is very pale, i would suggest Barry M 101 in Marshmallow, as it is very pale and knocks the colour out of lips well, and also looks nice with a pink gloss over the top. Hope that helped :) xx

  10. @UrbanMermaid
    Yeah i love the Natural Collection, the blushes and lipsticks are great :) x