Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dress of the month

I normally purchase a going out dress every month or so depending whether i know if i am going out for something special i.e a friends birthday or catchup.

Although i may have a lot of dresses, when looking through my wardrobe i realised 95% of them were either on sale or had some sort of student discount...so i do not feel guilty that i have spent a lot on a dress :)

So i've decided i am going to start a series of showing you my favourite going out/party/evening dress each month. As i have not been out this month, i will show you a dress i loved wearing in April.

Here it is:-

So this is a stripy black and white dress, quite nautical. It is very simple but i love the way it fits, it clings to the right areas and the material is really nice. This dress is from New Look and i think it was originally £18 or £20 i can not remember but i got it for £14 which is a bargain :)

The shoes are also from New Look and they were £20 but i got them with a 20% student discount in November and i love them! So woohoo another bargain £16 :)

And the bag is from Primark for around £4-6 i can not really remember.

Here is a VERY posey photo of me, showing the entire dress lol:-

Did you have a favourite dress in April?

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