Friday, 30 April 2010

Nail polish of the week :)

As i love my nail polish :) i will be doing a series of posts presenting a nail polish that i will be modelling throughout the week :)

This week: Eyeko Vintage Polish

This little beauty arrived yesterday...and i have to say it reminds me of barry m - mint green, which is another love of mine :)

The bottle is a tiny 8.5ml and i purchased it from ASOS for £3.

Next week my nails will be sporting my new 17 polish 'orange soda'

What will you be wearing this week? x

St Moritz is needed!

After looking through photos of myself a couple of weeks ago when visiting Brockenhurst, i realised how pale i looked!

So i am on a mission...fake tan myself with St Moritz until i am holiday tanned :) Well, you know at least a healthy tan/glow :)

Like this :-

What do you think? And what fake tan do you use? x

Tangle Teezer Update!

Okay the tangle teezer is my new love :) i had a shower last night and brushed my hair with it. It took only a few minutes, which is amazing as detangling my hair usually takes around an hour!

And tadaaa! smooth and knot free hair :)

:) x

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tangle Teezer?

So i recently ordered the pink tangle teezer as seen on 'Dragon's Den' from ASOS and it arrived today. The reason i bought it was because i heard countless comments about how this ordinary looking hair brush/comb would help vanish my tangles with no pain.

The main reason i purchased it was because i have very fine hair...but i do in fact have A LOT of fine hair, i always where my hair natural curly/wavy , and i do not actually brush my hair on a day to day basis otherwise the waves disappear and i am forced to straighten it....Which takes ages :)

And when i eventually have to brush my hair, it is full of tangles which leaves me wasting around 45 minutes trying to detangle it :( Which is pretty painful.

So i thought i would give this ago, as i had heard lollipop26 also talking about it in a video sometime last year i believe. The price of it was £9.75 and it comes in pink or blank on the ASOS website, and various other colours on the tangle teezer website.

I will keep posted if it works! x

No7 why oh why do you give me numerous vouchers?

I wouldn't say i am a huge fan of No7 in terms of makeup apart from a few items such as their tinted moisturizer. I find their products too expensive, although their skincare is another story.

Once Boots begin to give out the £5 off vouchers i find myself needing to buy something otherwise it's a waste. Then i purchase an item i then receive another one, and then the vicious circle begins :) However i am enjoying their products.

Have any of you found yourself needing to buy something just because you had a voucher, and then ending up accumulating products that you never needed or wanted?

First Post! :)

Welcome to my blog :) I thought i would create a blog making posts about my hobbies which will include: makeup, fashion, skin care and healthy living :)

So that's me...Saby :) And i hope you enjoy this blog x