Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tangle Teezer?

So i recently ordered the pink tangle teezer as seen on 'Dragon's Den' from ASOS and it arrived today. The reason i bought it was because i heard countless comments about how this ordinary looking hair brush/comb would help vanish my tangles with no pain.

The main reason i purchased it was because i have very fine hair...but i do in fact have A LOT of fine hair, i always where my hair natural curly/wavy , and i do not actually brush my hair on a day to day basis otherwise the waves disappear and i am forced to straighten it....Which takes ages :)

And when i eventually have to brush my hair, it is full of tangles which leaves me wasting around 45 minutes trying to detangle it :( Which is pretty painful.

So i thought i would give this ago, as i had heard lollipop26 also talking about it in a video sometime last year i believe. The price of it was £9.75 and it comes in pink or blank on the ASOS website, and various other colours on the tangle teezer website.

I will keep posted if it works! x

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