Thursday, 29 April 2010

No7 why oh why do you give me numerous vouchers?

I wouldn't say i am a huge fan of No7 in terms of makeup apart from a few items such as their tinted moisturizer. I find their products too expensive, although their skincare is another story.

Once Boots begin to give out the £5 off vouchers i find myself needing to buy something otherwise it's a waste. Then i purchase an item i then receive another one, and then the vicious circle begins :) However i am enjoying their products.

Have any of you found yourself needing to buy something just because you had a voucher, and then ending up accumulating products that you never needed or wanted?


  1. I tend to use the voucher to buy their brushes. They're pretty good, and are others to add to my collection :) xx

  2. Hey, Yeah i was thinking that the other day, i have 2 vouchers at the moment so i might try some out, i have the blusher and powder brush but im going to check out their blend and contour brush :) Which brushes from them would you recommend? x