Monday, 23 January 2012

Guest blogger: Jackie Clark - Weapons in the Fight Against Cancer

Makeup and Fashion: Weapons in the Fight Against Cancer
By Jackie Clark

Medical research has shown that there is a direct correlation between looking good and feeling good. Even in cases of traumatic illness, studies have shown that patients who try to make an effort to look better are often able to motivate themselves to better fight the course of their disease as well.

For instance, a woman diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer due to asbestos exposure may be prescribed a course of chemotherapy. While this is a serious diagnosis, mesothelioma doctors are able to give their patients a better prognosis today because of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. These treatments have changed the survival rate of mesothelioma and other cancers considerably, and have given new hope for sufferers of these diseases. Nevertheless, women undergoing chemotherapy might experience hair loss as well as other physical changes that are often emotionally debilitating, and it’s tremendously important to keep up one’s motivation and self-confidence throughout this ordeal.

Because of this, women who undergo chemotherapy treatments are encouraged to continue to take an interest in their appearance. If hair loss is a concern, there are hats, scarves, and wigs specially made to help patients deal with the feelings of low self-esteem that might result from this particular side effect. Some makeup artists also offer specialized makeover sessions and makeup kits for women who might have skin rashes or other side effects from their therapy.

Quite often, cancer patients also have to deal with body image issues, because the impairment and disability of the disease, coupled with the treatments, can sometimes cause weight gain or weight loss. It’s difficult to try to look good when you feel that you’re severely underweight or overweight, but it’s important to remember that a great many clothing styles are designed specifically to camouflage figure imperfections.

If you’re undergoing treatment for mesothelioma cancer or any other type of cancer, it’s crucial to keep your spirits up. Even if you’re on a strict budget, picking up something that makes you look good is a tremendous boost, even if it’s just an attractive shade of lipstick from a dollar store counter or a dress from the clearance rack. If you have stamina issues or you’re simply not well enough on some days to get out and about, then do your shopping from a catalog or the Internet. Likewise, a hair or makeup stylist would probably be happy to make a home visit and give you a makeover or new hairstyle.

For women who are battling cancer, confidence and self-esteem are two important weapons in the fight. Toward this end, makeup and fashion can be used to achieve an optimum outer beauty, which in turn can help promote feelings of health and overall well-being.

My personal note on this post: I thought it was really important to help Jackie encourage this message on my blog. I have had family members suffer from cancer, and it truly is awful. I hope this post has allowed you to realise that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Repost this on your blogs to spread the word <3

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