Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mini haul

I went to Boots yesterday and picked up two lipsticks that i have been wanting for a long time. First one was Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Ambre Rose 112, which is a lovely pink. It costs £6.99.

The second one was a Natural Collection lipstick in Apple Blossom that i have been wanting for months, and every time i go into Boots they never seem to have it in stock. So i was so happy when i finally spotted it, so i picked up two :) It is a lovely nude a dupe for GOSH Darling, which is great as it only costs £1.95.

The next item is a 17 solo eyeshadow in the colour Statuesque, which is probably my favourite eyeshadow, it is just such a beautiful colour and so easy to apply. I use this on days that i am in a rush or just need a neutral but stand out eye. It costs £3.49 and lasts for ages.

(Left: Ambre Rose, Middle: Statuesque, Right: Apple Blossom)

I then used my No7 voucher and bought a blend and contour brush, which is normally £6.50 but with the £5 off i got it for £1.50
And Finally i bought a shampoo and a hair mask from Boots own brand and they are both ‘Henna & Horse Chestnut’ suitable for brunette and red hair. The shampoo costs £1 and the mask costs £1.99! I must say that the shampoo and hair mask work amazingly together, they leave your hair so soft and silky. So i would definitely recommend them, the hair mask in particular!

Have you tried any of these products? x


  1. lady the eyeshadow looks gorgeous! ~ any photos wearing it? how does it blend out?



  2. Your lip photos are always amazing! You have beautiful lips and those colours are gorge!!
    Im hearing boots own intensive conditioners are great, i need to give them a wirl! xx

  3. @girlinthecity
    I will upload a face of the day tomorrow of me wearing the eyeshadow, so you you can see what it's like :) x

  4. LilyRibbons@
    Thanks, that's so sweet :) Yeah i am going try some more out, they are so nourishing :) Definitely recommend them! x

  5. Love the colors, seems all lipsticks look good on you. :)


    xox Laura Beth

  6. oh yes, ive been using the natural collection apple blossom lipstick for ages + i think it's fab. :) i lve your blog and the cute way you crop your lips!

    pie, xo

  7. @pie
    Yeah i wish i had it a while back, but only just hold of it! I've been using Gosh Darling loads, so now i can use the cheap alternative with no worries :) and thanks x

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  10. I LOVE that Maybelline lipstick on you!

    Thanks for following! I'm following you too :)


  11. Thanks for following :) x

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  13. @Jazzsquared and Macksquared

    Thanks :) I looked at your blog and it's really good, i followed :) x