Saturday, 1 May 2010

ELF collection

I was really impressed with ELF cosmetics, and i love everything about each item i ordered, of course i checked to see reviews online and then decided exactly want i wanted to purchase, and this is it:-

Warm Bronzer - £3.50
Candid Coral Blush - £3.50
All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade - £1.50
All Over Color Stick in Lilac Petal - £1.50
Eye Shadow Brush - £1.50
Defining Eye Brush - £1.50
Eye Pencil Sharpener - £1.50
Complexion Brush - £3.50
Powder Brush - £3.50
Nicely Nude Lipstick - £3.50
Runway Pink Lipstick - £3.50

Favourites consist of the warm bronzer, powder brush, complexion brush and both lipsticks.

What do you think of ELF Cosmetics? x


  1. I love the warm bronzer too and Candid Coral. I think might have to invest in the lipsticks - they look lovely x

  2. Yeah the lipsticks are lovely, Nicely nude and Runway pink look almost the same, but once you put them on Runway pink is a nice pink nude and Nicely nude is a true pink, abit misleading but i love them :) x

  3. I really need to make an elf order! That flat top brush looks really interesting! I've only got the pink lemonade stick on my list so far! Need lipsticks! :)


  4. Yeah, go and order! I love the lipsticks. Yeah the powder brush is great i use it with my liquid foundation and it gives you an airbrush finish, i haven't tried it on powder even though it's called a powder brush :) x

  5. Ooh thanks for the tip. I will have to get this one!


  6. This looks great! I want to get more ELF products now! :) x