Saturday, 15 May 2010

Another lip combo :)

Today i reached 50 followers yay :) Thank you to everyone who is following me, it is much appreciated!

Anyway back to the lip combo :) So i have been wearing these two products everyday for the past week, and i really enjoy the combination of the colours. They are:-
Natural Collection - Apple Blossom and Vaseline - Rosy Lips

I like the fact i am wearing a lipstick but also vaseline so my lips feel soft and smooth. My lips normally get incredibly dry when i wear lipsticks so i am constantly applying a lip balm of some sort. I love the moisturising feel of the vaseline on top, and it creates a lovely colour. This is what it looks like:-

What do you think? Do you like the Vaseline Rosy Lips? x


  1. I love the vaseline rosy lips, it smells lovely too x

  2. I've heard alot about this, not got round to trying it myself yet though - your lips look super pretty!

  3. @..R May A..
    Thank you :) And you should try it! x

  4. It looks really nice! I have the same problem with my lips getting very dry, I think I'll try this combo! x

  5. @EilidhPie
    Thanks :) Yeah try it, it's very moisturising x

  6. Yeah those lips look lush, gorgeous colour now I want to buy it! I use blistex daily lip conditioner and love it. Nat. collection is such a good value brand, their stuff is actually r. nice x

  7. I love vaseline rosy lips, so easy and natural :) x

  8. I want to try some of that Vaseline Rosy Lips, just for a hint of colour :) xx

  9. love it!
    I followed your blog!
    follow mine?

  10. Heyy sabyyyy!!! all this blogg stuff is rly impressive... welll done, keep it up hun!! i miss u and hoping to see u soon
    ooo and this lip combo is rly pretty on ur lips and i dont know why i cudnt comment on the other blogs but the eye shadow statuque (sorry bout the spelling) is rly pretty on ur eyes too.
    lovin it all. ooo and im gona buy that orange soda nail vanish, it looks rly nice and i have the other colours 17 do that are like pastel colours. looking forward to seeing more xxxxx

  11. that looks like the perfect lip color! xoxo

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  14. So pretty! And I really like your blog background.